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Jesse James Hennessy

Jesse James Hennessy, a director, producer, writer, and editor, has the raddest passion for filmmaking this side of WA state! Ever since his parents rented him a VHS camcorder over summer weekends back in the 80's he’s been making movies. He fell in love with horror flicks early on as a kid (maybe a little too early) and knew that he wanted to make some killer films of his own.

Over his career he has made multiple award-winning films, most notably gaining the attention of Llyod Kaufman (Troma Films, The Toxic Avenger), when he hand-picked Jesse’s rad horror/comedy “Love Potion 89” as his favorite short film in 2018.  On top of his ever-growing passion for creating rad horror flicks, Jesse also makes commercials, interviews, and volunteers his skills whenever possible to help lift up the Spokane area community.

On set, Jesse surrounds himself with talented and genuine people while creating a positive, productive, and fun atmosphere that allows the best work possible to be made.  He’s also not so humbly known for having some of the tastiest craft service on set as he was a chef for many years.  I mean... what else can this dude do?!

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The Family Business

Jesse’s a rad family man! His wife Tami Hennessy is a published author, painter, and storyboard artist. They met when Jesse was looking for an artist to create some promotional art for one of his films. What started as creating some amazing art together led to them creating an even more amazing life together! His son James builds props, miniatures, and does set and costume design. One of his most notable designs was creating the miniature warehouse for his smash hit campy horror comedy “Night of the Witch". So, when Jesse helms a passion project, the whole family jumps in and they love it to death!

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