Night of the Witch Sweeps Awards during 2020 Festival Run!

Our crowdfunded short film Nigh of the Witch had a really great run in 2020's Halloween season festival run around the globe! A crazy year to with the Covid Pandamic shutting down nearly all live events and making them all digital. Lots of horror film fests acted on the fly and adapted. So in a way it was cool to be a part of that time in history when all film fests were virtual! We won "Best Of's" in categories across the board with the film but the area we really shined in were "Best Score" and "Best Gore". Night of the witch got multiple awards for those! We also got everything from "Best Film" to "Best Cinematography". I'm super proud of the short and the long road it took to make it. Who knows what the future holds for Night of the Witch! Check out our updated poster art with all our laurels and a few brag-able quotes!

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