Featured Artist Tami Landsiedel

Check out our featured artist Tami Landsiedel!

She has done artwork for many JJH Productions including the canvas poster for our Straight 8 finalist film of 2016, Nuclear Waste, Night of the Witch concept artwork, and is our go-to story board artist. Tami has storyboarded the Night of the Witch Proof of Concept Trailer, Final Blow, and our upcoming horror short I'm Sorry. She recently launched her website hbsanitarium.com. Aside from film artwork she does fantastic paintings from the deep recesses of her morbidly beautiful brain parts. Shes always interested in doing custom work as well. Reach out to her if you are looking for some rad art, tattoo designs, storyboarding for film, or poster art. Check out her art in the slideshow below. Contact her on Facebook at hbsanitarium.com

#Tami #Tisha #Artwork #Storyboarding #Movieposter #Posterart #Ink #Watercolor #Pastels #Canvas #hbsanitarium #artist #spokane #wa #painter

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