Storyboard Like A Mutha

Storyboard even if you suck ass at drawing. I’m super lame at drawing. My storyboards look like something a kindergartener wrote while jacked on Red Bull and Ritalin. I used to not draw storyboards, which was fine for the smaller projects I was doing at the time. For some reason I thought I needed an “artist” to make my storyboards for me. Then one day I found myself on set with over 10 cast and crew members all looking at me wondering what we were going to shoot. There I stood, dick in hand clueless on how to set up the next shot. In that moment I was all like “Ok dumb ass you need to handle your shit and draw your own story boards”. Now I bust out storyboards like a mutha. Check out my epic storyboards next to their sister shot from Mr. Dark Episode 2.

As an Indy filmmaker storyboards are invaluable no matter how crap-tastic they look. When I spear head a zero budget all volunteer film project I pretty much plan on doing everything. Then when someone slates a scene or moves an extension cord for you it’s like the freaking seas have parted. An important thing to remeber is that everyone’s time is extremely valuable. My job is to be hella prepared so the day can go as smooth as possible and I’ve discovered through trial and error that storyboards are essential. I sit down days before the shoot and think of each individual shot. I watch films with similar scenes and study the shots they chose and why. I squeeze super hard and crap images out of my brain parts onto paper.

So take it from me, if you are about to shoot any film project then pick up a pen and draw some stick people doing stuff inside boxes. Your cast and crew will thank you for not showing them your dick. Word.

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